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Duct Tape

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Duct Tape

Ask any handyman about the most important products to keep around the house, and most will agree that you need to have a roll of duct tape. Endlessly versatile, this household wonder can help repair a wide assortment of everyday items in addition to being used for crafting and/or decoration. Here at Walgreens, we have several different varieties of duct tape that you can choose from.

What Makes Duct Tape So Strong?

Duct tape has essentially been around for over a century--though it's gone through several iterations and technological innovations during that time. Originally known as "duck tape" because it was made from a type of canvas called cotton duck, this cloth-backed tape was stronger than other common materials in the early 20th century, and it was widely used by the military during World War II to help protect soldiers' ammunition cases. Today, the principal behind duct tape remains largely similar, but manufacturers have found stronger, more readily available materials. Duct tape typically has three layers: a layer of plastic or polyethylene, a layer of fabric mesh, and a layer of adhesive. The tape is able to hold up when other types fail, which is why duct tape has gotten a reputation for being so incredibly versatile.

Uses for Duct Tape

Based on the name, it's not surprising that many people use duct tape on heating and/or cooling ducts. Standard duct tape might not always be able to hold up to extreme temperatures, however, so you should try to find a heat-resistant product if you intend to use it for this purpose. Household uses for duct tape are endless, and they range from temporarily repairing clothing, furniture, and appliances to sealing air leaks around the house. More recently, duct tape has emerged as a material often used in crafting. Wallets, purses, clothing, shoes, and more can all be made from duct tape, and several of the manufacturers have responded to this trend by printing fun designs on the non-adhesive side of the tape.

No matter what you end up using duct tape for, you can always find rolls of this multipurpose product here at Walgreens.

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