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Ear Plugs

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Ear plugs

Ear plugs feature a foam or silicone design that fits tightly inside your ears. The plugs block the amount of noise that you hear, including noises during flights, auto races or concerts. Special ear plugs are available for protecting your ears in the water or for when you are flying.

Choosing foam or silicone earplugs

Most silicone ear plugs have a design that fits all sizes of adult ears. These ear plugs have a soft texture that molds into different shapes and sizes for a comfortable fit. Foam ear plugs are similar to silicone plugs, but foam earplugs use only foam in its design. You can also find foam earplugs designed for women with hot pink foam used in the design. Foam earplugs typically block less noise than silicone earplugs. Those who have allergies to silicone should only use the foam varieties. Some manufacturers make foam ear plugs for specific needs, such as water absorption ear plugs. Water absorbing ear plugs act as a blocker between your ears and water, making the ear plugs a good choice for swimmers or those who spend time in the water. Special flight ear plugs are also available for when you need to protect your ears during a flight.

Earplugs for kids

If you have children, look for children's earplugs. These ear plugs are significantly smaller than the ones for adults because the manufacturers design the plugs for the smaller size of a child's ear. You can use kids' earplugs when traveling on a noisy airplane or taking your child to an outdoor attraction. The ear plugs filter the louder noises that might damage your child's ears.

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