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Ear Thermometers

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Ear Thermometers

You can easily keep track of your family's health and well-being with the variety of ear thermometers here at These digital thermometers are great for taking children's temperatures, since they can comfortably give fast and accurate readings. Most ear thermometers from brands Veridian Healthcare, Braun and Graco offer easy-to-read results.

Make Your Job Easier

Some ear thermometers use infrared technology to get an accurate reading without making physical contact with the sensitive ear area. For another non-invasive way to take a temperature, try forehead or temple thermometers that take a reading simply by touching the skin. Some ear thermometers can take a temperature from the forehead as well as the ear. You don't even have to wake a sleeping child, since some forehead thermometers feature a soft light.

Cold and Flu Care

If you or a family member has the cold or flu, you can help fight symptoms with cold and flu medicines. You can target runny noses with a nasal decongestant or help soothe an irritated throat with cough drops and lozenges. There are also fever reducers and pain relievers that can help you get past the discomfort. Children's cough, cold and allergy medicines can be easier and safe for children to take to help with symptoms. You'll also find cold prevention options to help you stay healthy and fight off infection.

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