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Eco Tools

Give your personal beauty profile a green touch with environmentally-friendly products from Eco Tools. Products like Eco Tools Bamboo Brush Set and the Eco Tools Kabuki brushes are made from fine recycled and sustainable materials, helping you to look your best and feel great knowing that you're using products that help the world around you. Eco Tools also makes sustainable cases to make sure that your brushes are protected between uses.

Brushes for every occasion

Eco Tools organic makeup brushes are available in a wide selection of styles and thicknesses to provide you with just the right tool for whatever type of conventional or natural cosmetics you are applying. Whether you are looking for shading, bronzer, eyelash and eyebrow, powder, or blush brushes, Eco Tools synthetic taklon brushes make applying makeup easy and comfortable, without using materials that are harsh to the environment. Eco Tools also makes several bath brushes as well as carrying cases out of the same sustainable materials.

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