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Elastic Resistance Tubes

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Elastic resistance tubes

Tone your muscles with compact, convenient elastic resistance tubes. These resistance tubes are available in a range of resistance levels, including light, medium and heavy. Elastic resistance tubes can be used to work out a number of muscles in the arms, legs, back and more. Try resistance exercise tubes from brands such as Fitness by Cathe, GoFit or Rejuvenation.

At home or on the go

Because elastic resistance tubes are light and don't take up much room, you can easily pack them for travel and get your strength workouts in even while you're on the road. You can choose resistance tubes that are a certain resistance or an adjustable tube that you can modify to the appropriate level. Some elastic resistance tubes come with a DVD to demonstrate exercises for toning and strengthening various muscles.

Working out at home

You can get a large range of exercise equipment here at There are exercise bikes and rowers, treadmills and elliptical machines and steppers. There are also weight training products, including free weights and weightlifting gloves. Additional toning products include items for practicing yoga and pilates.

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