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Elevated Toilet Seats

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Elevated toilet seats

Have trouble with your hips or knees? Even if you're recovering from surgery or injury, using elevated toilet seats can help you stay safe and comfortable in the bathroom. These raised toilet seats are available in different heights and materials to meet a variety of needs. Some elevated toilet seats are made of plastic, and others feature padding for added comfort. Here at, you'll find elevated toilet seats from brands such as Maddak and Drive Medical.

Safe and stable

In addition, to added accessibility, elevated toilet seats can also help prevent accidents while you and your loved ones use the restroom. The locking mechanisms that come with some elevated toilet seats can help you be confident that they're safe to use. There are also raised toilet seats with handles for extra assistance and stability. Many elevated toilet seats fit most standard toilets, and others are elongated. Choose the type that's most practical and comfortable for you.

Bathroom safety options

Besides elevated toilet seats, we carry an assortment of options to keep you safe, comfortable and steady in the bathroom. You can use shower seats that have non-slip feet while washing with a hand held shower head. There are also bath mats to use in or outside of the tub. To get in and out of the bath or shower more easily, consider different sizes and types of bathroom grab bars.

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