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Energy Shots

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Energy Shots

When you experience mid-day energy slumps, it can be difficult to focus on the tasks that you need to complete at work or school or to enjoy your favorite activities to the fullest. If you're in need of a fast-acting pick-me-up, energy shots might be a solution to help boost your spirits, sharpen your senses and keep you going. At Walgreens, we have a wide assortment of energy shots available for purchase both individually and in large quantities to help you maintain your energy levels.

What Are Energy Shots?

Energy shots are supplements that are taken by mouth. The purpose of using an energy shot is to increase one's energy levels at work, during exercise or any other time of the day without the need for food. Energy shots differ from other types of energy boosting solutions in that they are designed to be quick and easy to use on the go. They do not need to be slowly sipped like coffee and they do not take as much time to become digested as tablets and pills. This means that they are formulated to work rapidly, beginning to supply energy shortly after use.

What's in Energy Drinks?

The ingredients in energy shots can differ greatly from product to product. However, all formulas contain some type of stimulant, an ingredient that activates the nervous system to increase alertness and fight fatigue. Most often, the stimulant used in energy shots is caffeine. This natural derivative from plants is the same stimulant found in coffee and soda. Products that do not contain caffeine may instead feature an herbal stimulant like guarana. You can also find energy shots that provide vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are needed by the body to produce energy and power the nervous system and the rest of the organ systems. Some energy shots also contain sugar which can be quickly converted into energy by the body. It's important to note that some people are sensitive to caffeine and other ingredients in energy shots. If you have never used an energy shot product before, it is important to consult your doctor or health care provider before using one, especially if you have a medical condition like heart disease or high blood pressure. It's also best to consume energy drinks in moderation since too much caffeine and other stimulants can cause side effects like nervousness, irritability, insomnia, and increased heart rate.

Types of Energy Shots

Energy shots come in different forms, giving you an array of options to meet your needs. Most products are liquids that come in small bottles and are easy to use when you're away from home. Just open the bottle and drink the small portion of liquid inside to get the benefits of the product. Other energy shots are gels that are placed on the tongue and then swallowed.

Comparing Energy Shots

To find the perfect energy shot product, you'll first need to consider what form is the best for your needs. After that, you can compare the ingredients contained in the energy shots and the product descriptions. This will tell you how long the products are likely to energize the body and what their basic features are. Taste is another important consideration when deciding which energy shot to try. Manufacturers offer products in many flavors so you'll want to find one that appeals to your taste buds while suiting your lifestyle and energy supplementation needs.

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