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Ept Pregnancy Test

Acquire fast, precise results with an e.p.t Pregnancy Test. Pregnancy is a monumental life event, and you should only trust high-quality, reliable products, such as the e.p.t Digital Pregnancy Test. Featuring advanced hormone detection technology, the test is over 99 percent accurate from the day of your expected menstruation and gives you results in as little as three minutes. For early testing, the EPT Early Pregnancy Test can provide results as soon as five days before your missed menstruation. Both of these tests feature easy-to-read results, with either a "+"/ Pregnant or a -"/ "Not Pregnant reading in the display window.

Are e.p.t. Pregnancy Tests easy to use?

Convenience is a one of the major advantages of a one step pregnancy test. This test from e.p.t. is simple and only requires a few moments to complete. After you remove the test stick from its wrapper, follow the simple instructions provided. The result appears within minutes. Although these tests are highly accurate, a 3 pack pregnancy test is recommended for a series of tests to guard against false positive readings.