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Undo errors easily with erasers for pencils, pens and more. You can be sure you'll always have your pencil eraser with you if you choose a cap eraser that fits on the end of your pencil. For larger areas, there are classic pink erasers in a rectangle shape. Choose from different colors of erasers from Penway and It's Academic here at Walgreens.com.

Erasable ink

In addition to erasers for pencils, erasable pens come in blue and black ink colors. Like wood pencils, these ball point pens have erasers at the end of the barrel for easy use. Since they come in packages of four, you can keep one in your home, office, car and purse or pocket to use at any time.

Back to school

Maintain the quality of your pencils with pencil sharpeners. We carry a variety of sizes, types and colors, including a battery powered pencil sharpener, a clip-on sharpener for lockers, and a dual hole sharpener for crayons and pencils. Also browse our school supplies to find everything your kids need, such as backpacks, folders, binders and more.