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Eternity cologne

Not just for men, Eternity cologne from Calvin Klein offers a distinct fragrance for women, as well. This Calvin Klein fragrance can be a great gift for friends or family members, or you can stock up on it for yourself. Choose from different varieties and forms of Eternity cologne available here at Walgreens.com.

Finding a fragrance

If you or the person you're shopping for would like a highly concentrated fragrance that only requires using a little bit at a time, go with Eternity eau de parfum. Eau de toilette sprays contain a lower concentration of fragrance for a subtle scent. Both types are made in scents for men and women. You can also choose from Eternity cologne varieties such as Eternity Summer and Eternity Aqua.

Gift ideas and more

To change your fragrance for different occasions, or for additional gift ideas, browse our wide assortment of other Calvin Klein fragrances. For both men and women, you can find popular fragrances from Calvin Klein such as Euphoria, Obsession and CK Be. One other great gift idea is a fragrance gift set that comes with multiple forms of one fragrance, such as lotions and sprays.