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Everest Jennings wheelchairs

Everest Jennings is one of the top brands of wheelchairs in the world, and the history of the modern wheelchair is closely tied to the history of this well respected brand. The first wheelchairs were made during the late 18th century, and for the next 100 years, models were largely the same. Most were high-packed chairs made of leather and wood or wicker and were mounted on very simple wheels. The chairs were bulky, often difficult to steer and did not offer ample support for the body. All of that changed after Herbert Everest broke his back in a mining accident. A mechanical engineer, Everest felt that that there was great room for improvement on the wheelchairs designs that were available to help him remain mobile, so he enlisted the help of his friend and fellow engineer Harry Jennings. Together, they created a revolutionary new type of wheelchair. Their chair was the first to be made of metal and was much lighter in weight than previous models. It even folded for easy transportation and storage. In 1933, the pair began to market their new wheelchairs to the public and Everest Jennings was born.

Everest Jennings wheelchair styles

Throughout the decades that followed the release of the first Everest Jennings wheelchair, the company that Harry Jennings and Herbert Everest founded became famous throughout the world. Today's modern wheelchair designs continue to be manufactured using principles from the brand's original designs, and Everest Jennings wheelchairs have continued to remain on the cutting edge of design and development. Today, Everest Jennings wheelchairs are manufactured by GF Health Products, an Atlanta-based company that is considered a leader in medical product manufacturing and sells their products in more than 80 countries. In the Everest Jennings wheelchair collection at Walgreens, you'll find all of the top models from the brand. The models are affordably priced to suit every budget and available with a range of seat sizes and a variety of footrest styles to meet the needs of every user. You can refine your search to show models within a certain price range or to view only traditional wheelchairs or transport wheelchairs.

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