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Every Man Jack Aftershave

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Every Man Jack Aftershave products

Every Man Jack aftershave products provide you with several options for your pre- and post-shaving needs. Whether you need to prepare your face before shaving or apply a post-shaving lotion, carries this Every Man Jack's line of products you need for shaving and skin care.

Pre-Shave facial products

In order to minimize the likelihood of developing razor bumps, you must prepare the skin by thoroughly cleansing your face. The Every Man Jack aftershave brand provides you with a facial wash and facial scrub. Each of these products comes in unscented and mint-scented varieties. The wash is designed to remove dirt and oil from your skin without drying it out, and the scrub includes aloe and chamomile for a gentle and smooth finish.

Post-shave facial products

The Every Man Jack aftershave line also includes post-shave products for the finishing touch when shaving. These products come in two variations: aftershave lotion and aftershave gel. Help your skin retain its moisture after shaving with one of these products. These products also heal irritated and dry skin, helping the healing process when you are finished. Fragrance-free Every Man Jack aftershave lotion includes chamomile and menthyl as ingredients, so you are able to feel the soothing effect without the added fragrance.

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