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Exfoliating scrubs

Help renew your skin's radiance with exfoliating scrubs. Choose a cleanser that meets your needs, from acne scrubs to exfoliating masks. There are also exfoliating scrubs for the body that can refresh and revitalize your skin from head to toe. Brands Clean & Clear, L'Oreal and Kiss My Face can help your skin turn over a new leaf.

Daily cleansing and care

Expose fresh, radiant skin by washing with an exfoliating scrub. While your skin may need the extra treatment weekly, some facial cleansers are also gentle enough for everyday use. You can choose an exfoliating face wash with ingredients ranging from grape extract to essential oils. Look for the exfoliating cleanser to work with your skin type here at Walgreens.com.

For the face and more

Give your skin the treatment it may need with your choice of a variety of skin care products. From acne cleansers, toners and astringents to beauty masks, scrubs and exfoliators, there are many washes for the face and body. There are cleansers for oily skin, dry skin face washes and facial scrubs for sensitive skin. Browse our range of body wash, shower gel, shaving gel and more to help keep your skin fresh, healthy and vibrant.