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Extra large knee braces

If you and your doctor have determined that you can benefit from wearing a knee brace, there are extra large knee braces for a comfortable, secure fit. Whether you're recovering from surgery or trying to mend from or prevent an injury, the support of a knee stabilizer can be very helpful. Most extra large knee braces from brands McDavid and OTC Professional Orthopaedic can fit knees that measure from around 17 to 22 inches in circumference.

Healing and support

The compression and heat retention of extra large knee braces can help ligaments heal, and the structure of the brace can provide support to the joint during activity. Certain knee supports can be used to help prevent strain by keeping the knee supported and in place. Knee support braces include elastic, basic supports or hinged knee braces that offer more stability and support.

Caring for your joints and more

We carry a range of braces & supports that include thigh supports, orthotics, ankle braces, and wrist splints. You'll also find post-op shoes & walker boots, lumbar support cushions and hernia belts to help give your body support in the place you need it. Shop Walgreens.com for your health and well-being aids, tools and supports from cervical supports & pillows and elbow and shoulder braces to back & abdominal binders and belts.