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Eye Drop Guide

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Eye Drop Guide

It pays to be precise when you put eye drops in your eyes. Walgreens offers a selection of precisely designed eye drop guides to make delivering eye drops easier and more accurate. Eye drop guides are designed to deliver the specified amount of eye drop into your eye and to place the drops precisely. The guides work with most eye drop bottles and a single eye drop guide can be used with more than one bottle of eye drops. Some of the eye drop guides offered at Walgreens are online exclusives and aren't available in stores.

How Do Eye Drop Guides Work?

Eye drop guides are molded to fit securely over a bottle of eye drops. The guide contains a slot that the neck of the eye drop bottle fits into. Simply attach the slot to the eye drop bottle neck. When you're ready to use the eye drops, place the eye drop guide over your eye according to the instructions. When you squeeze the eye drop bottle, the eye drop guide directs the liquid into your eye without the bottle touching your eye. Using eye drops with an eye drop guide helps eliminate waste as well

Why Use an Eye Drop Guide?

Have you ever tried to use eye drops but your eye just kept closing and the liquid landed on your face? That's a natural protective reflex to protect your eye from foreign substances. Eye drop guides help keep your eye open during eye drop delivery by keeping the lower lid still. If you're squeamish about using eye drops or have an unsteady hand, an eye drop guide makes life simpler. It even positions the eye drop bottle precisely for the most accurate and comfortable placement. You'll wonder how you lived without this handy device.

Be sure to pick up several eye drop guides if you use more than one eye drop so you don't have to keep switching the guide from bottle to bottle. Whether you use eye drops for allergies, dry eyes or other eye issues, eye drop guides make placing them easier. Always read the directions carefully to ensure you're using the eye drops and guide properly and consult your doctor if you have any questions.

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