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Eyeglass cleaner

We have a wide selection of eyeglass cleaner products to keep your lenses and frames clean, so you'll stay looking, and seeing, your best. You'll find disposable wipes, cleaning spray, transitional cleaning cloths and other eyeglass cleaners.

Cleaning products for eyeglasses

Use an eyeglass cleaning cloth to clean the lenses of your regular glasses, reading glasses, or sunglasses. Use our spray eyeglass cleaner or our eyeglass cleaning wipes to remove smudges, dirt, or splashes from your glass or plastic lenses. Our wipes for eyeglass lenses are especially convenient because they're disposable. There is no need to wipe your lenses with a clean cloth after you use our lens wipes, and you can also use them for cleaning ski goggles, watch glass and even your computer, smartphone or tablet screen. We recommend our lens cleaning spray for fine optics like camera and binocular lenses and eyepieces. Lens cleaning tissues can be used dry or with lens cleaning spray.

Eyeglass accessories

Besides eyeglass cleaner, we carry a full line of eyeglass accessories including eyeglass cases, eyeglass chains, and eyeglass nosepads. Keep our eyeglass repair kit on hand in order to take care of minor adjustments or lost screws quickly and without having to visit your optician.