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Eyeglass lens cleaner

If you're tired of cleaning smudges off your glasses with your shirt, use eyeglass lens cleaner. A quality cleaner can help remove smudges and prevent new ones.

Lens cleaning wipes

Eyeglass lens cleaner oftentimes comes as cleaning wipes for extra convenience. These wipes let you keep your glasses clean without having to haul around a bottle of liquid and a cloth wipe. Each individual wipe is wrapped in a waterproof packet that you can stick in your purse or pocket. When you're out and about you can simply pull out your wipe and clean off the smudge in a snap.

Lens cleaning kits

These kits make it easier for you to clean your eyeglass lenses when on-the-go. Each package contains a bottle of eyeglass cleaning solution and a soft cloth to scrub away the film on your lenses. Since the kits are small, you can keep them in a purse, desk drawer or glove compartment.