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Eyeliner Liquids

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Eyeliner liquids

Define your eyes with an eyeliner liquid for a precise outline and finished look. Go for a fine or bold line, use a traditional eyeliner color or be dramatic with a bright color like purple, blue or gold. You'll find a great selection of liquid eyeliner colors, applicator options and trusted eye cosmetic brands here at Try L'Oreal, Cover Girl or Black Radiance eyeliner liquids for that polishing touch.

Take your pick of eyeliner liquids

When you're selecting a liquid eyeliner, take into account whether you prefer a brush applicator or pencil applicator, need a smudgeproof formula or one that is for sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers, or is hypoallergenic. Match your eyeliner to your eye shadow, complement your blush and lipstick color. Know what you like for your daytime look versus when you go out for the evening. For all your cosmetic needs, you're in the right place.

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