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Facial Cleansers Containing Glycolic Acid

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Facial Cleansers Containing Glycolic Acid

Using a facial cleanser on a daily basis helps you to keep your skin clean and fresh in order to keep your complexion as healthy as possible. Some facial cleansers provide additional benefits that can help you address skin imperfections and improve the appearance and texture of your skin while you cleanse. At Walgreens, we have a wide assortment of these multitasking formulas, including facial cleansers containing glycolic acid, to help you get more out of washing your face.

What Is Glycolic Acid?

Many people have heard that glycolic acid is beneficial for addressing certain skin care concerns. However, not everyone knows exactly what this ingredient is. Glycolic acid is a substance that is traditionally derived from sugar cane. It may also be manufactured in laboratories and factories. The acid is part of a class of skin care ingredients called alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs. All AHAs act as exfoliators, ingredients that remove dead skin from the outer layer of the complexion. When glycolic acid comes in contact with the skin, it dissolves the bonds that keep dead cells in place. This allows them to be wiped or washed away to reveal younger skin cells.

Why Is Exfoliation Important?

Exfoliating with glycolic acid offers many benefits for the skin. Regular exfoliation can keep the skin feeling soft and help to prevent dullness from occurring due to an accumulation of cellular debris. Exfoliation can also make fine lines and wrinkles appear less prominent.

In addition, chemical exfoliators can help to remove discolored skin tissue to improve the tone of the complexion. Glycolic acid is sometimes recommended for people who suffer from acne. Its exfoliating benefits can help to keep the pores clear and help lighten discoloration from previous breakouts.

Multitasking Cleansing Formulas

Glycolic acid is found in many types of skin care products. Cleansers containing glycolic acid are a convenient way to benefit from alpha hydroxy acid. When you cleanse with a glycolic acid facial cleanser, you can simultaneously exfoliate and purify your complexion.

For minor skin care concerns, a glycolic acid cleanser may be all that is needed to improve the appearance and texture of the skin. As a result, the multitasking cleanser helps to keep skin care routines simple. If you have more prominent skin imperfections, combining a glycolic acid cleanser with other products designed to address your concern can help to improve the effectiveness of your daily regimen.

Selecting the Right Glycolic Acid Cleanser

There are many types of cleansers containing glycolic acid available on the market today. Many formulas are developed to address specific skin care concerns and contain additional supportive ingredients to help users accomplish their beauty goals. For example, a glycolic acid cleanser formula intended to help reduce the appearance of signs of aging may also include antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E.

As you compare glycolic acid cleansers, it is a good idea to carefully read the product descriptions. The descriptions will tell you what conditions each cleanser is geared toward addressing and what other key ingredients each one contains.

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