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Facial kits

Facial kits take all of the guesswork out of trying to buy facial products separately. Many facial kits can give you the experience of going to the spa without the expense. Many different skin care sets are available for different skin types. Walgreens.com carries facial kits for sensitive skin, oily skin and dry skin. Some have formulas designed for acne problems, while others target signs of aging. Many products also contain natural ingredients, such as tomatoes, carrots, honey or cucumbers, to moisturize and return the glow of a youthful face.

Facial care kits for men

There are also men's skin care kits that are available to address facial issues. Some contain products such as aftershave, lotion and facial masks formulated for men. Others contain items that will help the shaving process go even smoother, including razors and grooming tools.

Facial kits for teens

A teenager's skin is different from that of adults. Teens can be more prone to acne breakouts. Choose a teen facial cleansing kit to fit your young adult's specific needs. Many of these kits have anti-acne pads, soaps and body washes formulated for their specific needs. Another option is to get a natural facial set that does not contain any chemicals.