Facial Moisturizer

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Facial Moisturizer

As the upper layer of the skin becomes dehydrated, it loses its elasticity and radiant glow. The more dehydration that occurs, the drier and less resilient the skin becomes. Due to the delicacy of the facial skin, this type of situation can readily lead to problematic issues such as tightness, flakes and irritation. Fortunately, this situation can be remedied easily with the use of hydrating formulas that restore the skin's natural stores of water, using humectants that draw water to the skin and emollients that coat the upper layer of skin with a protective sheen that helps to trap the moisture there. Aging skin, in particular, repairs itself more slowly than youthful skin. This is due in part to the shrinking of oil-secreting glands as well as the natural thinning of the outer layers of skin. The application of face and body moisturizers can assist in keeping the skin protected and hydrated. While facial moisturizers cannot prevent the skin from becoming wrinkled, they can help to prevent dryness and keep the skin in good condition.

Choosing a Good Facial Moisturizer for Your Skincare Needs

Walgreens offers a good selection of quality products designed to soften and hydrate the skin using skin-friendly ingredients. Most of the formulas contain a carefully selected combination of ingredients that have been chosen for their unique abilities. Occlusives help the skin to hold moisture, while other components provide fatty molecules that enhance the skin's natural protective capabilities. Moisturizing facial lotions are available for normal skin, mature skin, dry skin, and oily skin. Beauty lotion formulas intended to offer oil control along with fresh hydration often use ingredients known to help clarify acne-prone skin, while avoiding substances that add to the greasiness of the skin. You'll probably find them to be more lightweight than their counterparts that have been designed to deliver intensive moisturizing capabilities. Firming and lifting creams as well as anti-aging lotions and creams are intended for use by mature women whose skin has already begun to become less elastic. Since the sun's rays are often responsible for drying out the skin, facial moisturizers containing broad spectrum SPF deliver an added layer of protection for the skin during the day. There are also intense reparative and hydrating creams for use at night and gentle formulas for sensitive types.