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Facial Sponges

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Facial Sponges at Walgreens

Choosing skin care products and cosmetics for your needs is just one part of a beauty routine. Cosmetic and skin care tools like facial sponges can help you make the most of the products in your regimen and assist with a variety of steps. Whatever tasks you're hoping to complete, you can shop for facial sponges to help you get the job done at Walgreens.

What are facial sponges used for?

Facial sponges can help with a variety of tasks, depending on their type. Cleansing facial sponges are designed to help with facial cleansing. They help cleansers lather and distribute product across the surface of the complexion. In addition, their texture helps to loosen oil, cosmetic residues and other impurities to support cleaner skin.

Exfoliating facial sponges aid in the cellular turnover process. Usually rougher or coarser than cleansing sponges, these beauty tools gently lift away dead skin to reveal the newer skin underneath. Exfoliating can promote a smoother, softer complexion and may help diminish the prominence of skin imperfections.

Other facial sponges are designed for applying cosmetics. These sponges often have a wedge or bullet shape. With these sponges, you can dab on liquid and cream cosmetics like foundation. The sponges are also ideal for blending after you put on foundation, concealer and contouring cosmetics. As a result, some people refer to makeup application sponges as beauty blenders or makeup blenders.

How long do facial sponges last?

How long facial sponges last varies by type. Cleansing sponges typically need replacing every month or two because cosmetic residues and other impurities can build up on them over time. Exfoliating sponges usually need a similar replacement schedule. However, you should replace them sooner if they lose their coarse texture.

Blending sponges for makeup application may last longer than cleansing and exfoliating facial sponges. Generally, you should replace a beauty blender sponge after around three months of use. If they develop an unpleasant smell or show signs of wear and tear like cracking, you may need to purchase a replacement sooner.

To extend the life of your facial sponge for as long as possible, follow the care and storage instructions printed on the packaging for best results.

Can I use a facial sponge every day?

How often you can use a facial sponge depends on the type. Most facial cleansing sponges are suitable for use during both morning and evening cleansing routines. Beauty blending sponges for makeup application are also usually fine for daily use.

Exfoliating sponges may not be suitable for daily use. Check the packaging to see if the manufacturer offers specific recommendations about how often to use the exfoliating sponge.

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