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Facial Steamers

Steam treatments are recommended for a number of skin care and health concerns, but performing treatments at home can be a challenge. Using ordinary boiling water to steam your face could result in scalds and burns; however, there is a simple, safe way to get the benefits of steam. At Walgreens, we have a number of facial steamers available that safely provide a fine mist of warm steam to address a number of problems.

Steamers for At-Home Facials

Professional facials at the spa or salon often begin with a steam treatment. When the pores are exposed to the heat and moisture of steam, they dilate or become wider in size. This makes it possible for the esthetician to easily remove blockages from the pores and increases the absorption of products applied during a facial. With a facial steamer, you can recreate a professional facial at home, treating your skin with steam prior to applying a topical treatment or facial mask. In addition to providing beauty benefits, the steam can also feel soothing and help to ease tension.

Steaming Solutions for Therapeutic Purposes

Inhaling steam is often recommended for various respiratory problems. The vapor has the ability to thin mucus, which can make it easier to breathe when you're suffering from a cold, a sinus infection or allergies. Steam treatments may also be recommended for individuals with laryngitis, as the hydration can help to moisturize the vocal colds. If your doctor has recommended that you use steam to manage the symptoms of an illness, a facial steamer can make it easy to follow his or her advice.

How to Choose a Right Facial Steamer

Facial steamers are usually designed for specific tasks. Some steamers are made specifically for skin care treatments. These products typically produce mist in a wide fan-like shape that can easily cover the complexion. Other steamers are made to produce steam for inhalation purposes. With these products the steam either comes out of a tube or into a bowl-type top. This concentrates the steam and makes it easier to inhale. You can check the product descriptions of the facial steamers at Walgreens to find out exactly what each model was made to treat.