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Facial wash

Taking care of your face is part of most daily routines. Finding a face wash that works for your skin type is easy with the selection here at Walgreens.com. Top brands Clearasil, Oxy and Neutrogena have facial washes for normal, dry or oily skin that can clarify, soften or refresh.

Facial washes for particular needs

If you have any special skin needs you can find a facial cleanser to meet them. Acne washes and scrubs work to give your skin a deep clean that doesn't clog pores. Pre-shave face washes for men usually include moisturizers to help prepare your skin and soften your hair for shaving. If you have sensitive skin, try an oil- or fragrance-free face wash. There are also combined face and body washes so you have the convenience of one cleanser for use from head to toe.