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Fake nails

Who needs a nail salon for great-looking hands? Fake nails are a simple, low-cost and elegant addition to any look. Our variety of lengths, colors and designs is sure to include something for everyone, from short-length French nails to stick-on toenails. With brands like Kiss and Broadway Nails, the selection of fake nails at Walgreens.com will meet your needs for style and quality.

Beautiful nails made easy

Fake nails give hands a polished, finished look in just minutes without the hassle and care of growing your own nails. You can trim the nails to just the right length for you or polish them for the perfect match to an outfit. Try stick-on nails for just a day or event. For a more lasting look, choose from kits that include nail tips and nail glue. Looking for a more eye-catching accessory? Walgreens.com offers fake nail tips in many colors and designs, as well as [nail kits] that allow you to customize your nail art with paint and stencils.