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Fat Burning Supplements

It is important to have a healthy weight. People who are overweight have a higher risk of health problems. If your doctor has told you to lose weight to improve your health you'll need to take a complete approach to weight loss. This involves eating healthy foods and getting daily exercise. Some people may find it helpful to take fat burning supplements to lose weight. A supplement is a vitamin, mineral, or herb that you take to improve health. It is often taken to make up for something lacking in the food eaten. Not all people know how or if fat burning supplements work. Fat burning supplements are thought to aid with metabolism. Metabolism is the process of changing the food you eat into energy for your body to use. Fat burning supplements may support this process, so that stored fat can be burned more usefully and quickly. But studies are still needed to support their use as a safe and helpful aid in weight loss.

Making the Right Choices to Help With Weight Loss

Walgreens offers many fat burning supplements to help you with your pledge to lose weight and lead a healthier life. These supplements often use a blend of many herbs and nutrients to give results. Each herb has different actions, benefits and drawbacks. You should fully research the ingredients in any fat burning supplement. Some herbs may not be safe for you to take. They can be harmful if taken with some medications or can add to symptoms of a health problem. Even those without any health issues may have reactions while taking fat burning supplements. For instance, products that have large amounts of caffeine in them may raise heart rate and blood pressure. Be aware that supplements labeled as "natural" should not necessarily be thought of as "safe." The best way to make sure that any fat burning supplement is right for you is to talk with your doctor first. Be sure to tell him or her not just the name of any product you are thinking about, but also what it contains. This will help your doctor give you the best advice about any weight loss plan you may be thinking about.

This summary is intended for general informational purposes only, and should not be interpreted as specific medical advice. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not strictly regulate herbs and supplements. There is no guarantee of purity, strength, or safety of the products. As a result, effects may vary. You should read product labels. In addition, if you are taking medications, herbs, or other supplements you should consult with a qualified healthcare provider before taking a supplement as supplements may interact with other medications, herbs, and nutritional products. If you have a medical condition, including if you are pregnant or nursing, you should speak to a qualified healthcare provider before taking a supplement. Consult a healthcare provider immediately if you experience side effects.