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Freshen up your home or vehicle with the help of a fragrant bottle of Febreze. Febreze helps eliminate a variety of unpleasant odors, including pet smells, dirty laundry and yesterday's dinner. Febreze offers you both sprays and air freshners, both which come in different scents for you to choose from.

Fabric fresheners for your home

Febreze is one of several different home fabric fresheners available at After owning a sofa, loveseat or chair for an extended period of time, odors can occur. A fabric refresher gives your furniture a fresh new scent. You can even spray a refresher on your mattresses, laundry hampers and carpets. Take a trip to the islands with a tropical fabric freshener, or use a floral scent to make it feel like you're relaxing in a fragrant garden filled with beautiful flowers. Febreze offers scented oil air fresheners designed to match or complement the scents of its fabric sprays.

Other ways to keep your home smelling fresh and clean

Many men and women like to use jar candles for a fresh scent and a visually pleasing look. Candles are available in a variety of scents, colors and designs. You can use a beautiful candle holder to prevent spilled wax and enhance the appearance of your home. Scented air fresheners are another option for folks who want to keep their home smelling nice. Pleasant scents aren't limited to the home, so don't forget to check out the selection of car air fresheners offered by You can choose from car vent clips and sprays in many popular scents, including citrus scents and tropical scents.

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