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Feria Hair Color

Control grays and create eye-catching hair with Feria Hair Color. Permanent Feria Hair Color provides long-lasting highlights with triple the color standard hair-color offers. The coloring agent leaves your hair smooth and silky with light conditioning. Feria Hair Color Gel also pleasantly scents your hair, preventing the harsh, chemical odors commonly associated with hair dye. The gel creates a natural look with multiple subtle shades of color in your final result.

Coloring your hair

Feria hair dye products are simple to use. For the most convenience, consider hair color kits that contain everything you need to color your hair, including gloves, permanent hair-color gel, shimmering color-developing creme, conditioner and a helpful insert with directions for use. To ensure the dye is safe and that you love the color, be sure to test the dye on a small area of hair before using the entire product.