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Fiber tablets

Conveniently add fiber to your daily diet with fiber tablets. Chewable tablets are easy to take in the morning with breakfast or at any time of day. Adding fiber to your diet can help with weight management as well as digestive health and fiber tablets come in a variety of flavors. Try a fiber tablet from Fiber Choice or Benefiber to get your daily intake of fiber.

Find the right formula

Some fiber tablets have additional benefits such as including vitamins to help boost your immune system. You can also look for chewable fiber tablets that include a natural source of fiber if you prefer natural products. Fiber tablets are also available in sugar-free formulas.

Adding fiber to your diet

Fiber supplements come in powder form that you can add to water or juice or to soft foods such as yogurt. Fiber powder can also be added to recipes when you are baking. You can use fiber caplets to improve regularity. There are also several high-fiber foods that you can add to your diet for a tasty alternative.