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Fish Oil Caplets

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Fish oil caplets

Fish oil caplets contain two specific types of omega-3 fatty acids that can benefit health, EPA and DHA. While both types benefit the immune system and heart and may help lower triglyceride levels, EPA is also good for relieving joint pain and DHA is an important building block in the brain.

Omega-3 fats

Omega-3 fats benefit health in many ways, and they are vital for people who do not consume much fish or seafood, the primary sources of both EPA and DHA in the human diet. These fats are polyunsaturated fats, so they have a positive effect on heart health. Because omega-3 fats help improve brain functioning, pregnant women often take omega-3 fats or fish oil caplets to try and boost their baby's brainpower.

Taking fish oil supplements

The fish oil used in supplements is highly purified, so it is free of dioxins and mercury. Some fish oil caplets also contain other beneficial nutrients, such as vitamin D. Some companies have developed odorless fish oil to prevent a fishy smell or taste in the mouth after consuming fish oil supplements. These versions have an enteric coating that stays solid until well into the digestive tract. Other companies have created flavored fish oil caplets that disguise the fishy odor. As an alternative to fish oil, some companies produce omega-3 supplements that eliminate the fish entirely. A more unusual option is an omega-3 creamsicle, a frozen dessert high in these essential fats.

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