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Five Star Folders

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Five Star Folders

Keeping worksheets, assignments, and important papers in order can be simple thanks to Five Star Folders. These folders come in a range of styles, so you will find a style at Walgreens that is suitable for students of all ages. Staying better organized in the classroom has never been easier. Invest in Five Star Folders to help students learn the importance of staying organized -- with ease.

Five Star Folder Designs

No matter what is required on your school supply list, Five Star Folders can fulfill your needs and more. Choose from several unique folder styles depending on your unique needs. Pocket folders are 12 � inches by 9 � inches, allowing them to comfortably store letter-sized sheets. The two-pocket design allows for plenty of storage space in these colorful folders, which come in shades of blue, pink, and purple. Multiple storage options are available in pocket and prong Five Star Folders. These folders feature two pockets for paper storage, as well as prongs, which allow you to secure your three-hole-punched papers. With a customizable clear view cover, you can make this pocket and prong folder your own.

You can also find multipurpose Five Star Folders, which allow you to store your notes and worksheets in one convenient product. All-in-One NoteBinders offer the best of both worlds, providing 50 sheets of college-ruled paper, where you can take notes. In addition, these NoteBinders include two folders, a zipper pencil pouch, and three tabbed NotePockets. You can even stay on top of your homework assignments with a built-in planner. These are also designed to be into a three-ring binder thanks to the tech lock rings. Simply put, the NoteBinder gives you all of the tools you need to stay organized and excel in the classroom.

Five Star Features

Five Star Folders are durable products, capable of withstanding the wear and tear of a long school year. These folders are made of plastic, which will not bend or tear like paper folder varieties. Even more, this durable construction will safely protect your papers, ensuring that they stay neat and wrinkle free. When you choose Five Star, you're selecting products that will last throughout the year.

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