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Flameless candles

If you enjoy the ambience of candlelight but worry about fire hazards, try flameless candles. These battery operated candles give off a soft glow similar to candlelight. They're also economical, since you can simply replace their batteries rather than replacing a whole candle. Flameless candles from Patriot Candles, Febreze and Smart Candles even come in scented varieties, and you can choose from different sizes to meet your preferences.

Safe scents for the home

Other options for home fragrance are here at Walgreens.com. Another flameless product, reed diffusers release fragrance into your space without heat or smoke. They can also complement your d�cor and last for months. Plug in air fresheners and potpourri can provide continuous fragrance as well. Prefer a spray? Air fresheners come in many scents and types. Find your favorite air freshener refills for a variety of devices.