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Flexible Gel

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Flexible gel

Keep your style in place without making it feel stiff and dry. Flexible gel offers a strong hold that can be re-worked and re-styled throughout the day. Or you can leave your look just the way you have it. Some flexible styling gels even offer conditioning benefits for your hair, so it looks healthy and vibrant. Choose your flexible gel from brands such as Paul Mitchell and Aussie here at

Natural-looking hold

Our assortment of flexible gels includes formulas that meet a variety of needs. Spend less time waiting for your style to set by using a quick-drying flexible gel. Other flexible hold gels add shine and texture to your hair while keeping your look in place. If you have wavy or curly hair, try using an anti-frizz hair gel with a flexible hold that allows your curls to move naturally for a smooth and healthy look.

More options for styling

If you like the way flexible gels hold your hair without making it stiff or dry, try other types of flexible styling products. Pomade, putty and paste can also be re-styled throughout the day, depending on the level of hold you choose. More gels and glazes are available in flexible hold as well. Hair spray can be easy to apply to help hold your style all day. Other options are available for different hair types, including mousse and volumizers, smoothing and anti-frizz products, and hair serums.

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