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Flossers make it easy for you and everyone in your family to get the benefits of thorough flossing of the teeth every day. You can even choose electric flossers that use water jets to accurately clean between the spaces in your teeth. Several companies make flossers and other dental products, including Oral-B, Waterpik and Sonicare.

Disposable flossing devices

Flossers include picks that hold a length of dental floss in their frames so you can easily run the floss through your teeth and remove debris that cause plaque to form. Special flossers are available for people who wear braces and they include picks that are designed to clean braces and other orthodontic appliances. You can also order flossing frames through which you can thread your own floss, saving you money but giving you the same convenience as disposable flossing frames. Other dental care appliances that do the work of traditional or waxed dental floss include interdental picks that work like toothpicks but are made of material that fully removes debris and tartar deposits.

Water flossers

Water flossers generate powerful jets of water using different types of tips that are meant for cleaning different parts of your teeth, as well as your tongue and mouth. Cordless water flossers as well as corded models are available for your convenience, and you can order replacement flosser tips along with your flosser to make sure you always have tips available in good condition. You can even use mouthwash in water flossers to start the day with clean, fresh breath. Ask your dentist about how to get the most out of water flossers.