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Flu Remedies

Conquer the flu quickly with trusted flu remedies and medications. There are a number of different types of flu remedies for kids, including Dimetapp and PediaCare children's flu remedy, all of which are safe and effective. If you prefer natural cold and flu remedies like NatraBio child's cough remedy, stock up and help keep harmful chemicals out of your child's body. Each cold medicine addresses its own set of symptoms, including cough, running nose and fever.

Keep flu symptoms at bay

Because the flu comes with so many symptoms, you need many different medicines to cover all possible ailments. Have some cough medicine on hand to settle simple coughing and wheezing. Combination pain relievers work great when a sore throat or chest pain is involved. Stock up on both nighttime and daytime flu remedies so you have medicine whether you need to sleep or stay awake. Whether you buy generic, Vick's or another brand, make sure you always have the right flu medicine on hand.