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Fluoride Mouthwash

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Fluoride mouthwash

Fluoride helps to prevent and minimize tooth decay, making it an important part of your daily dental hygiene routine. It eases the breakdown of tooth enamel and encourages the development of new enamel, which ensures that your teeth stay strong and healthy. You can find fluoride in a number of sources, from your local drinking water to your toothpaste. However, you might want another layer of fluoride protection every day by choosing a fluoride mouthwash. If your drinking water is not fluoridated, you might especially benefit from a fluoride mouthwash. Walgreens has a number of fluoride-based mouthwashes available, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your oral care needs. Discover the benefits and types of fluoride mouthwashes before ordering one from Walgreens.

Fluoride mouthwash varieties

With many fluoride mouthwash varieties to choose from, Walgreens has styles appropriate for both adults and children. For the youngest people in your house, opt for a kid-friendly fluoride mouthwash, which comes in appealing flavors such as bubblegum and watermelon. Starting your kids on a fluoride mouthwash at a young age instills healthy dental hygiene habits that can last for a lifetime. Walgreens also has plenty of fluoride mouthwashes designed for adults as well. Choose from a variety of flavors, from traditional mint to more unique flavors such as berry or grape. In addition to fighting plaque, a fluoride mouthwash can deliver other benefits as well. If you want to brighten your smile as you rinse, opt for a whitening mouthwash that works to reduce stains while strengthening the enamel of your teeth and preventing cavities. If dry mouth is a concern, you can opt for a fluoride mouthwash that helps to moisturize your mouth while strengthening your teeth and freshening your breath. A sensitive or sore mouth doesn't have to forego the mouthwash. Instead, simply opt for a product designed especially for your sensitive mouth and teeth. No matter your oral care needs, you can find a fluoride mouthwash that works for you, allowing you to improve your dental hygiene every day.

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