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Flushable wipes

Designed for the whole family, flushable wipes are convenient cleansers to have around the house. While some disposable wipes are specifically for toddlers during potty training, most wipes are made with ingredients that gently cleanse almost any skin type. Flushable wipes can be especially helpful if you are caring for someone at home who is bedridden. Find disposable cleansing cloths from PureTouch, Kleenex and Earth's Best here at Walgreens.com.

For travel or home

In addition to home use, flushable cleansing wipes can be great for travel and camping. Some wipes come in handy individual packets to make them easy to carry in a purse or pocket. Other flushable wipes come in a travel size for simple packing. Most contain skin-soothing aloe vera or other moisturizing ingredients for comfort.

A variety of personal care products

Shop our baby and children, home medical or personal care sections for more products for personal hygiene or caregiving. There are a number of no rinse cleansers to safely and conveniently cleanse, including no rinse shampoo and body wash. Baby care products include no tears shampoo, diaper rash treatments and petroleum jelly. Disposable washcloths and antimicrobial spray cleansers are also here for your patient care needs.