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Foam Rollers

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Foam Rollers

Foam rollers provide a gentle way to curl your hair without the fear of scorching or drying out your locks. You can sleep in foam rollers much more easily than with larger plastic hair rollers. Unlike curling irons or hot curling rollers, foam rollers do not use heat to achieve a curl, so they are safe to use on children.

Foam Curlers

Foam curlers are available in a variety of sizes. For tight curls, use a smaller size, while larger foam rollers can produce big waves and loose curls. Hair type and length can also affect how much of a curl you get. For thick hair, use more hair rollers. Arrange your new curls using a hair pick, and style your hair however you would like with styling products.

Maintaining your curl

To maintain your curl after using foam rollers, spritz on some extra hold hairspray either while your hair is still up in the rollers or immediately after you release your curls. If the weather is humid or rainy, you can apply some anti-frizz product before putting your hair in the rollers to prevent frizziness in your curls.

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