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Folding Lightweight Wheelchairs

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Folding Lightweight Wheelchairs

If you or a loved one are confined to a wheelchair, your ability to get out into the community might be hindered by the need to bring the device with you wherever you go. To make this process easier, many people prefer to buy an easily portable transport chair that can be used for tasks like doctor's visits or shopping trips. At Walgreens, we have a wide assortment of folding lightweight wheelchairs that are designed to make it convenient for you to get around.

Pros and Cons of Transport Chairs

In order to be ultra-light, the majority of folding wheelchairs fall into the category of transport chairs. These assistive devices are not equipped with the large back wheels that can be controlled by the user. Instead, they feature four smaller wheels and need to be pushed around by a caregiver. These types of wheelchairs are ideal for quick trips out and about--especially because they can easily be moved into and out of a car.

They might even be preferred if you don't need a wheelchair all the time but require one in order to accomplish longer excursions. However, many people confined to wheelchairs in the long-term prefer not to have a transport chair as their primary device because it doesn't allow for any level of independence.

Lightweight Wheelchair Features

You'll find a number of features on most folding lightweight wheelchairs that make them easy and convenient to use. The way these products fold is one of the top selling points. Many of them simply collapse from the middle, similar to a portable stroller.

Others have a seat back that folds down and wheels that fold up, making them more like a conventional folding chair. Materials like aluminum and steel are incredibly lightweight while also being sturdy enough to safely support the user.

Other features might include padded armrests, swing-away footrests, and a comfortable seat. The brakes on most transport chairs can only be controlled by the person pushing the device, and they are optimized for safety.

Whether assistive devices are permanent fixtures in your life or simply tools you use for certain tasks, it's easy to find a folding lightweight wheelchair when you browse the selection available here at Walgreens.

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