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Food Storage Containers

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Food storage containers

For adults, kids, work, camping and everyday use, we have an assortment of food storage containers to choose from. There are portable food containers with a tight seal to prevent spills. Insulated food and beverage containers keep drinks or food warm or cool. Find the size, design and style you prefer from Aladdin, Thermos, and Stanley.

Storing and transporting

Some plastic food storage containers are inexpensive enough that you may not mind if you don't get them back after you bring a treat to share. Others are sold in sets that are perfect for packing lunches. Find individual plastic food containers or beverage containers that are both functional and stylish. For kids, there are food and beverage containers with favorite characters to make them more fun to take to school.

Stock up the pantry

Shop our large selection of grocery items to fill your storage containers. We carry everything from baking mixes and cereal and granola to heat and eat meals and juice drinks. You'll also find paper products to keep your eating areas tidy. Paper towels, napkins, antibacterial wipes and kitchen cleaners can help you and your surfaces stay clean.

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