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Foot Bandage

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Foot bandage

Whether you want to protect your foot from irritation or help it to heal properly, there are foot bandages to meet a variety of home medical needs. Arch bandages can help relieve soreness by supporting a fallen arch or flat feet. Other foot bandages form a barrier between your skin and your shoes to help prevent blisters. You can choose your foot relief from Dr. Scholl's and more brands here at

Protect from pain

Foot bandages can help protect your feet and toes from painful friction. Try moleskin foam padding to help prevent blisters. These handy sheets of soft cotton moleskin can be cut to the shape you need to cover the affected area of your foot. Most foam padding is self-adhesive to stay in place and is durable, too. In addition to protecting against friction, there are toe protectors that can also cushion and absorb pressure

Foot relief solutions

Browse our selection of toe separators, toe cushions and toe protectors for relief from foot pain. Gel toe separators can help stop your toes from rubbing against one another or against an uncomfortable shoe. Toe relaxers from brand ProFoot can help relieve tired feet and restore flexibility and circulation. Toe spacers can even reduce pressure on a bunion or sore toenail, so you can stand and walk without worry. There are also corn and callus treatments, as well as bunion cushions and blister cushions to help you feel comfortable while keeping your feet healthy.

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