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Foot Callus Remover

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Foot Callus Remover

Foot calluses can be unsightly and are often uncomfortable. These thickened layers of skin develop in response to friction and pressure and can quickly take the joy out of wearing a pair of sandals - or any shoes at all. At Walgreens, we offer a growing selection of products that can offer relief from calluses. Whether your calluses are uncomfortable or you simply don't like the way they look, explore the options available.

Two-Sided Callus Removers

Using a two-sided callus remover is one approach to removing a stubborn callus. One side of the callus remover has an abrasive surface to gently and effectively remove the thickened skin cells that make up the callus. The other side is made of metal to help smooth and soften skin. Always soak the area to soften it first. Then carefully follow the directions included with the callus remover for best results. Some callus removers contain different grades of abrasive material - one designed for ordinary calluses and one for tough calluses that are harder to remove.

Liquid Callus Remover

Also available are liquid corn and callus removers you apply directly to a callused area. The active ingredient in liquid callus removers is salicylic acid, the same ingredient in aspirin. When you apply salicylic acid to your skin, it helps soften rough, thickened skin by dissolving the "glue" that holds the skin cells together. Over time the thickened skin sloughs off. As with all products, follow the directions and only apply corn and callus removers to calluses, not healthy skin. Some liquid callus removers come with soft cushions that help relieve the pressure of warts and corns.

Callus Remover Pads

Self-adhesive pads already treated with salicylic acid are also available for callus removal. These pads are medicated and ready to apply directly to the callused area. They come with soft cushions that protect callused areas from pain, pressure and friction so your feet feel more comfortable until the callus has resolved. You can even wash and reuse the cushions more than one time.

Self-Adhesive Medicated Pads

For stubborn, hard-to-remove calluses, look for self-adhesive medicated patches. You can quickly and easily cut these patches to the exact size you need for maximum coverage. These patches come with extra-thick pads that fit snuggly over the area to cushion and protect it from pressure and friction. You can use the enclosed cushions even after the callus has healed to protect your feet from friction when you walk around. Keep some on hand, especially if you wear high-heeled or tight shoes.

Is It Safe to Remove Calluses?

Always read the directions carefully before using a callus remover. If you have diabetes or circulation problems in your feet, contact your doctor if you develop a callus or corn. Don't try to treat it at home. If you have questions about which product is right for you, consult your doctor or health care provider.

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