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Foot Odor Solutions

If there's one thing that will make you feel self-conscious, it's foot odor. At Walgreens, we offer a selection of remedies formulated to help you keep foot odor under control. Foot odor relief comes in a variety of forms including a deodorizing powder, insoles you wear in your shoes and easy-to-use foot sprays that also keep your feet cool and dry. Each is formulated with ingredients that help tame foot odor and soak up wetness.

Foot Powders

Odor-control foot powders contain ingredients that help neutralize even the most stubborn foot odor. When you apply them, they soak up the excess moisture that makes your feet feel sticky and uncomfortable. Moisture can serve as a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria that cause feet to smell bad.

Foot Powder Sprays

You can enjoy the same odor and wetness protection in a spray-on foot powder that keeps your feet and toes dry and free of odor for hours. Simply spray the product on and let it dry before you put on your socks and shoes.

Natural Foot Odor Control Solutions

Looking for the most natural option? Treat your feet to a soothing, odor-control spray made with essential oils and other ingredients like peppermint that control odor as they "wake up" your feet before or after a long, hard day.

Extra Protection

To handle tough odors, reach for the protection of a shoe and foot deodorant formulated with zinc ricinoleate, an ingredient that helps combat odor. It's an ideal solution for days that you plan on being physically active. You can also spray the product on athletic shoes too to keep them smelling fresh.

Odor Control Foot Insoles

One of the simplest and cleanest ways to keep your feet free of odor is with odor-destroying insoles. With comfortable insoles that control unpleasant smells, there's nothing to spray on your feet. Just trim the insole and place it in your shoe. Over the course of your busy day, odor-absorbing ingredients like baking soda and charcoal absorb odor and wetness so you can get things done without worrying about smelly feet.