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Forearm crutches

You can get comfortable walking assistance from forearm crutches. These lightweight crutches have supports for your hands as well as cuffs that can reduce strain on your arms. Forearm crutches can also be more comfortable than traditional crutches, and are ideal for long-term use. You can choose your walking crutches from different colors, sizes and brands such as Drive Medical, Lumex and Standers.

Getting the right fit

For your comfort and safety, it's important you choose forearm crutches that meet your height requirements. Some of these crutches have adjustable leg and forearm sections for custom sizing. There are tall crutches for individuals as tall as 6'6" as well as small ones for heights of 4'2" to 5'2". Some large forearm crutches can support up to 300 pounds. You can also find junior forearm crutches for children.

Other mobility assistance

Our selection of mobility products also includes electric scooters, rollators and wheelchairs for a variety of needs. You can find other types of adult crutches, including bariatric crutches. To help make your home safer and easier to navigate, there are assist rails, bed safety rails and bathroom safety products that include bath benches, commodes and tub and wall mount grab bars.