Forehead Thermometers

You can make taking temperatures easier with forehead thermometers. These digital thermometers are minimally invasive, so you don't even have to wake your loved ones up to use it. Some forehead thermometers also feature a soft light, so you can read it in the dark without causing a disturbance. Keep track of your family's health with digital forehead thermometers from brands, such as Mobi and Vicks.

Options for Temperature Readings

Similar to forehead thermometers, there are temple thermometers that also measure temperature with a simple touch. Other non-invasive options include ear thermometers and infrared thermometers that read temperature without even touching the body. You can choose between reading speeds and levels of accuracy to find one that works best for you or your family.

Cold & Flu Relief

You can also keep your medicine cabinet stocked with cold and flu medications for the whole family. You'll find cough medicine, cough syrup, decongestants and fever reducers here at Walgreens also has a wide selection of cold medicines for kids that are safe and have a tasty flavor. Some fever medications and ear ache & tinnitus relief can help relieve symptoms to help you or your child get a good night's rest. Don't forget to consider cold rubs, steam vaporizers and humidifiers to aid recovery. Click here for additional information and recommended solutions on cold and flu relief.