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Fragrance Free Soap

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Fragrance Free Soap

Cleansing your skin from your head to toe is important to looking your best, smelling fresh and keeping your skin tissue in the best of health. Everyone has their own unique needs when it comes to skin care, and for some, it is necessary to avoid certain ingredients to take the best possible care of their skin. If you're looking for a gentle fragrance free soap to complete your daily care routine, Walgreens has a wide assortment of products from which to choose.

Why Fragrance Free?

Fragrance free soap is a skin cleanser that does not contain perfumes to give the product a scent. Many people with sensitive skin benefit from fragrance free soap, as perfumes can sometimes cause allergic reactions when used on delicate skin. Others choose fragrance free soap because they simply prefer not to use scented soap products. This may be because they prefer to smell like their favorite perfume, cologne, body spray or body lotion or simply because they prefer cleansed skin's natural smell.

Types of Fragrance Free Soaps

You can purchase fragrance free soap in several varieties. Bar soap is often used to cleanse the body and comes in a hard bar that produces a lather when it is rubbed against a washcloth or the skin. Body wash is a liquid fragrance free soap that is typically used in the bath or shower. Some people prefer body wash over bar soap because it is easier to apply. You can also find specialty fragrance free soaps that are developed for a specific usage. These include special soaps for lathering the face prior to shaving, liquid soaps for the hands and multifunction products that can be used to shampoo the hair and cleanse the skin.

Natural and Organic Solutions

Among the many fragrance free soap options that you'll find at Walgreens is a selection of natural and organic soaps. These products contain fewer synthetic ingredients than ordinary soap formulas. People with sensitive skin may benefit from the use of a natural or organic soap because these products are less likely to contain preservatives that can have allergenic properties. You may also prefer a natural or organic soap if you're focusing on using fewer chemicals to lead a greener life.

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