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French Manicure Glue On Nails

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French Manicure Glue on Nails

A flawless French manicure can make your hands look truly beautiful and allow you to make an excellent impression on the people that you meet. Many women struggle to recreate the looks of a salon French manicure at home due to the careful technique required to properly apply the polish. At Walgreens, we make it much easier to get the gorgeous look of a French-style polish with a selection of glue on nails with French manicure designs.

What's a French Manicure?

A French manicure is a classic nail look that is popular among women of all ages. With a traditional French manicure, the nails are painted with a light colored or clear polish all the way to the tips. Then, the tips of the nails are adorned with a stripe of white polish. While the traditional look is still considered trendy, many new twists on the French manicure have emerged. Variations that include different base or tip colors are eye-catching looks, as are French manicures that are embellished with nail art effects.

Why Glue On Nails?

To complete a French manicure the traditional way with ordinary nail lacquers, you must have a very steady hand and a guide to help you perfect the curve at the tip. Many women simply don't have the time required to complete a French polish, while others find it difficult to master the correct technique. Glue on nails take the work out of a French manicure. The nails are already colored to resemble a French manicure, so all that you need to do is use the included glue to bind them to your nails. Using glue on nails can also allow a woman to get the look of longer nail growth or to cover irregularities on her nailbed like bumps and ridges.

Choosing the Right Style

You can find French manicure glue on nails in both traditional and modern designs. If you prefer the classic white tip look, you'll have many options from which to choose. One thing that you'll need to consider is the length that is right for your tastes and your lifestyle. Options range from very short to very long.

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