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French manicure set

To give your nails an affordable, elegant and classic style, try using a French manicure set at home. Whether you'd prefer to apply fake nails or paint your natural nails, the various nail polish colors available here at Walgreens.com offer many options to choose from. You'll find French manicure sets from brands including Sally Hansen and Kiss to help make styling your nails at home simple and fun.

Home nail art

French manicure sets can help make your hands look polished, while acrylic nails can add length in just minutes if you prefer not to grow your own nails. You can trim artificial nails to just the right length for you or coat them with nail color to match an outfit. Try stick-on nails for a single day or event. For a more lasting look, choose from kits that include nail tips and nail glue. Looking for a more eye-catching accessory? Walgreens.com offers fake nails in many colors and designs, as well as nail kits that allow you to customize your nail art with paint, stencils and more.