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Freshlook Color Contacts

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Freshlook® Color Contacts

Maybe it's just human nature, but we often want something we don't have. If we have brown eyes, for instance, we may wish that we had blue. Even people with beautiful green eyes often wish they had brown. If you're wishing for an eye color that you weren't born with, now you can have it. With FreshLook® color contacts by Alcon, you can be a green-eyed enchantress, blue-eyed beauty, or a brown-eyed seductress.

What Are My Color Options?

FreshLook® COLORBLENDS® contacts can transform the color of brown eyes into a variety of different eye colors. For a striking change, try Gemstone Green, Sterling Gray, or Brilliant Blue. And Honey or Brown lenses can transform your eyes with subtle sophistication.

To enrich your natural eye color, FreshLook® DIMINSIONS® lenses may be the answer. Available in colors like Sea Green, Pacific Blue, and Caribbean Aqua, these colored contacts define your eyes, giving you an understated but stylish look.

What Is 3-in-1 Technology?

FreshLook® COLORBLENDS® lenses are fabricated with a 3-in-1 technology that blends three colors into one for a natural look when wearing colored contacts. Each lens has an outer charcoal ring next to a ring of primary color and an inner star-burst pattern to boost your eye color.

Is a Prescription Required?

The FDA defines FreshLook® contact lenses as medical devices. Therefore, whether you are wearing them to correct your vision or purely for cosmetic reasons, you'll need a prescription. In addition, all contact lenses need to be fitted properly and worn under the supervision of an eye professional.

How Do I Care for My FreshLook® Contacts?

These contacts are made for daily wear, but take them out each night. Clean and store them properly, and discard after two weeks. FreshLook® One-Day contacts can be worn one day and then thrown away. Always get a full list of contact-lens "dos and don'ts" from your eye professional.

Whether you are looking for dramatic change or just a subtle enhancement of your own eye color, FreshLook® color contacts can open your eyes to a dazzling world of color.

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