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Freshlook Contacts

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FreshLook® contacts

Put away your glasses and improve your vision quickly and easily with a pair of FreshLook® contacts. Contact lenses can help you see better without having to wear a pair of glasses. As an added bonus, some FreshLook® contacts can also change the color of your eyes for a whole new look in just seconds.

Contact lenses

The FreshLook® ColorBlends® contacts blend three different colors to give you a truly unique look. They are available in amethyst, blue, brown, gray, green, honey, pure hazel, true sapphire, and turquoise. FreshLook® also offers a contact lens with a light tint that does not change the color of your eyes. It makes it easier to handle and move into the proper position, and it also prevents you from inserting the lenses improperly. FreshLook® also offers other tinted contact lenses, such as toric, color, and Dimensions.

Ordering contact lenses

FreshLook® contacts are easy to order. Simply choose the right line of contact lenses for you. You can purchase disposable contact lenses that are discarded after one use. If you are interested in a colored contact, choose from one of the many colored lenses and select the desired color. In order to get the proper strength of contact lenses, you must know your prescription and the strength needed for each eye. Carefully enter the correct power for each eye when placing an order to ensure you receive the right strength of FreshLook® contacts for your individual needs.

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